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When Doctor’s Negligence Leads to Unnecessary Risk

Proper and timely diagnosis of cancer can be the difference between life and death. Caught early, breast cancer has a remarkably high survivability rate. Caught later, the result may be drastic surgery and aggressive treatment, and if cancer is missed entirely then the result may be the tragic and unnecessary loss of a loved one.

When breast cancer is missed because a doctor missed the diagnosis or failed to properly recognize the illness on a mammogram, then that physician carries responsibility for the results of his or her error. From our offices in New Castle, Hermitage, Butler and Erie our Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., help clients recover compensation and hold negligent doctors accountable.

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis and Medical Malpractice Litigators

If a doctor’s negligence or a lab’s error causes your breast cancer to go undiagnosed or be misdiagnosed, you and your family should not be the only ones to carry the burden. While it will be your family that may have to suffer the physical and emotional challenges, those professionals carry a financial obligation to make things as whole as possible after a breast cancer misdiagnosis.

Aggressive treatment of cancer at an early stage is often the best possible course, and our firm takes on complex medical malpractice cases of cancer misdiagnosis involving:

  • Failure to recognize symptoms of early stage breast cancer
  • Failure to order scans or mammogram
  • Failure to evaluate mammogram results
  • Delayed or missed diagnosis
  • Diagnosis errors and unnecessary surgery

As little as a month lost due to a doctor error may mean the difference between aggressive chemical treatment of breast cancer and the need for scarring and disfiguring surgery. It can even lead to the wrongful death of a loved one who may have otherwise survived.

We can’t know what the future might have held had a negligent doctor acted properly, but we do know that breast cancer misdiagnosis is a real problem with a strong legal solution. Let us help you protect your right to financial recovery when someone else’s error leads to pain for you or your family.

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