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A Hidden Source of Malpractice — Radiology Errors

If you or a loved one suffers as a result of medical malpractice, it seems obvious to point the finger at your primary care physician, but often the mistake lies not with them but those they rely on for vital information. If a radiology lab fails to provide accurate information and engages in medical malpractice, and your doctor or a hospital relies on the information, it may be you that suffers.

Based out of our office in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and representing clients throughout the state, our attorneys at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., know how to get answers, get to the bottom of your case and effectively pursue compensation when radiology errors occur. We fight in and out of the courtroom to hold the right people accountable for the damage their action, inaction or negligence causes.

Misdiagnosis and Missed Injury

Cancer misdiagnosis is a serious problem. If your doctor orders an MRI or X-ray and gets back poor information that misses clear indications of a cancerous mass, the fault and medical malpractice liability may rest with the radiology department.

Radiology errors can have significant consequences.

  • They can result in failure to diagnose cancer, such as lung cancer or breast cancer
  • They can miss fractures or torn ligaments leading to pain or further injury
  • They can cause your doctor to have improper information leading to delayed diagnosis
  • They can result in unnecessary injury, illness or even wrongful death

Not every hospital has staff available 24 hours a day to evaluate an MRI or X-ray film, and so it might be the medical malpractice of someone halfway around the world that causes you harm.

Our Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys know how to pursue compensation for your radiology errors, protect your rights, get the answers you need, and hold the right people accountable. When we take on your claim, we thoroughly review your case to uncover where medical malpractice really happened, and then we go after the financial recovery you need to pay for damages and expenses.

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