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Oil & Gas Workers

It is important to retain a Pittsburgh injury attorney who understands the legal challenges that are unique to workers’ compensation injuries in the oil and gas industry. At Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., we realize that the employer is usually from out of state, and many of the injured workers are as well. Our office has the resources and experience necessary to obtain justice for all workers who are injured in Pennsylvania, regardless of where they live and where they obtain medical treatment.

Protecting Your Claim Under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation

It is important to remember that anyone who is injured in Pennsylvania, may bring a claim under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Your employer stands to benefit from minimizing and controlling your workers’ compensation claim. Don’t take their word for what benefits you are entitled to. Call the experienced attorneys at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. Often, an employer will try to force an employee to accept benefits under another State’s compensation system. If the injury occurred in Pennsylvania, you may pursue a claim under Pennsylvania laws. Our attorneys can explain the full scope of benefits available under Pennsylvania laws.

Oil and gas workers know that the companies discourage filing claims by making promises they never intend to keep. Oftentimes, a worker gets hurt, does not proceed with a claim, and is fired at the very next opportunity. Reporting your injury immediately and retaining counsel quickly are the only ways to ensure that your livelihood is protected.

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