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How A Pennsylvania Workers Comp Attorney Can Help a Hearing Loss Case

Hearing loss from constant exposure to excessive noise after years on the job has become a chronic problem among American workers. Even low-level noise from blowers and air compressors constantly running in the background can have a permanent effect.

Fighting for workers’ compensation benefits for hearing loss means you must have solid evidence on your side.

Obtaining permanent or temporary workers’ compensation disability benefits for hearing loss is often difficult for workers in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Unless you are able to show evidence that your hearing loss was directly attributable to a particular accident or incident, workers’ compensation boards are quick to deny benefits. Putting an aggressive, experienced Pittsburgh workers’ compensation attorney and Social Security Disability attorney on your side is your best advantage when filing your initial claim or appealing a denied claim.

If you work in an industrial workplace or around loud equipment on construction sites in Pennsylvania or Ohio and are beginning to notice a loss of hearing, talk to your doctor about receiving a medical diagnosis. Then talk to an experienced workers’ compensation hearing loss injury attorney at Dallas W. Hartman P.C. We have in-depth knowledge of what the compensation board expects and strategies to get your injury approved. With nearly 25 years of experience, our Pittsburgh hearing loss lawyers have helped many people receive the workers’ comp benefits they are counting on.

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