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Dallas W. Hartman P.C. offers services to help people file initial claims for Social Security Disability benefits as well as appeals for denied claims.

If you have paid into the national Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) plan through payroll deduction or direct payment over the past 10 years, you are entitled to seek disability payments if you are no longer able to work. Unfortunately, obtaining benefits can be a complex and frustrating process. As much as 80 percent of all initial claims for physical and mental disabilities are rejected. Many claimants simply quit trying and give up. Others appeal unsuccessfully because they don’t understand the requirements or successful strategies for the hearing board.

Our attorneys work with SSDI hearing boards every day. We know what board members expect and we don’t give up. There is nothing quick or easy about the process, but by working through the roadblocks, we have earned an excellent reputation for success.

The list of injuries and diseases that qualify a person for SSDI benefits is long and complex. Even the most straightforward diagnosis often results in a frustrating hurdle. Don’t assume anything about your claim. Talk to an experienced Social Security lawyer at our firm for a full evaluation of your case. We offer a free consultation and charge nothing in attorneys fees or costs unless you receive the benefits you are applying for.

Free Consultation · No Attorneys Fees or Costs Unless You Receive Benefits

Let us put our experience to work helping you recover the SSDI benefits you are entitled to. From our offices in Pittsburgh, New Castle, Hermitage, Butler and Erie, we represent plaintiffs in communities throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. Contact us to arrange a consultation with an experienced Pittsburgh Social Security Disability lawyer today.

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