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If Malpractice Prevents Early Detection of Prostate Cancer

A PSA (Protein-Specific Antigen) test is a relatively easy way to screen for prostate cancer, so if a patient provides symptoms or a history that puts them at risk, there is little excuse for doctors who fail to get the information necessary to make the right diagnosis. Particularly for men over 50 who report a problem with urination or who have a history of prostate cancer in the family, a prostate cancer misdiagnosis can be both catastrophic and unforgivable.

Our attorneys at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., in the Greater North Pittsburgh area are highly experienced trial lawyers with a proven record of success spanning more than 30 years. If you or someone you love is suffering unnecessarily due to the missed diagnosis of a doctor, you should consult with our office to consider all options and to protect your rights.

Pain, Illness and Death That Should Have Been Avoided

While prostate cancer is not caused by any kind of medical malpractice, the best way to treat and manage cancer is by catching it early. If a doctor fails to do the proper tests for prostate cancer despite warning signs, symptoms or a patient having an elevated risk and that results in a misdiagnosis and more serious treatment or a wrongful death later, then you may have a right to hold that physician accountable.

While prostate cancer misdiagnosis is a serious problem, the illness is no longer the automatic death sentence it was once considered. Prostate cancer in particular is highly treatable with an excellent survivability rate when diagnosed early.

Put our lawyers to work for you if you have prostate cancer and your doctor:

  • Failed to order timely tests
  • Failed to recognize warning signs of prostate cancer
  • Did not get a proper history that would have revealed a high risk status
  • Misdiagnosed prostate cancer
  • A lab failed to properly report the results of a PSA test

Our law firm is committed to providing results for clients and helping people get the answers, justice and compensation they need.

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