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Commercial trucks can be mammoth pieces of machinery, traveling down highways at high speeds, driven by operators who have been on the road for days or weeks. If these drivers fail to follow the safety regulations in place or neglect to get the number of hours they are required to have, devastating accidents can — and often do — occur. Given the size difference between these commercial trucks and other vehicles on the road, the results can be devastating and even fatal.

Do You Need a Pittsburgh Truck Accident Attorney?

Were you involved in an accident? Our Pittsburgh truck accident lawyers are dedicated to helping commercial vehicle accident victims and their families recover the full and fair compensation they need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, long-term care, or the loss of a loved one. No matter how you were injured, we may be able to help you. We are knowledgeable in the causes of such accidents and how to identify evidence and indicators that something should have been done to prevent the crash. We move quickly to ensure that we find and recover these pieces of evidence to build solid accident cases against the insurance company on your behalf. You should be focused on healing. Let us handle the rest. Contact our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys today to receive a free case evaluation. There is never an out-of-pocket cost to you, the client.

Why is investigation after a truck accident so important?

Our ability to launch a thorough investigation almost immediately following a serious truck accident is tremendously important in proving our client’s case. The first step in protecting your rights and preserving evidence of liability in any large truck collision is a thorough investigation. The trucking companies, their insurance carriers and state and federal agencies respond almost immediately after an accident. You deserve to have a team of experienced Pittsburgh truck accident attorneys and independent accident investigators on your side as well.

At Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., our truck accident lawyers in Pittsburgh pride ourselves on our experience in conducting a thorough and timely trucking company investigation for our injured clients across Pennsylvania. Our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys can move rapidly to ensure that your right to full and fair compensation for your damages or loss is protected. Depending upon the severity of your accident, your best interests may be served by bringing in experienced accident reconstruction specialists immediately, and we have the resources to provide you with this level of service. In the case of a fatal truck accident, our Pittsburgh wrongful death attorneys have the experience and skill to handle your case and seek the compensation you deserve.

Contact our Pittsburgh truck accident lawyers to get started today with a free consultation.

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Why Should I Hire a Trucking Accident Lawyer in Pittsburgh?

Having the high-powered team at the law firm of Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. we are on your side levels the playing field against the big insurance companies. Our law firm has the extensive resources necessary to employ top-notch independent trucking industry experts and accident investigators who can help see to it that crucial evidence is not lost or swept under the carpet. According to FMCSA, in 2017, 4,889 semi-truck accidents ended with a fatality. The majority of large truck accidents tend to be extremely serious, resulting in significant property damage and catastrophic injury. Trucking companies and their insurance carriers have teams of investigators standing by to protect their position and limit the chances they may have to pay for the accident injuries caused by any negligence.

Our firm handles all aspects of trucking accidents, including:

  • Defective roads and highways — Even though state and local governments are supposed to keep roads in safe working condition, accidents can happen. You have legal options to recover damages from those responsible for the road conditions.
  • Overloaded trucks — There are strict guidelines for how trucks are to be loaded and balanced to avoid accidents or overturning. Lack of training or negligence of the driver can lead to dangerous loading techniques or overloaded vehicles.
  • Substance abuse — Drivers must adhere to a BAC standard that is much more strict than for other drivers, and abuse of any substance can create serious liability.
  • Truck driver error — Even the smallest mistake by a driver can result in a serious or deadly accident. We will investigate to learn what may have happened to cause the wreck. This includes failure to yield, speeding and reckless driver.
  • Truck driving fatigue — Drivers must get a set number of hours of rest between runs, and a failure to do so creates a hazard for everyone else on the road. We will investigate how much time the driver spent on the road, examining driver logs and other evidence.
  • Maintenance and equipment failure — Trucking companies are responsible for keeping all trucks in their fleet in full maintenance and repair. When these trucks fall into disrepair, serious accidents are almost inevitable.
  • Trucking company negligence — Trucking companies are held to a strict standard for how their fleet will be operated and safety measures to be taken for the protection of others on the road. Their negligence can result in the loss of innocent lives. We hold these companies accountable.

We also know all the tricks that the insurance companies may use to try to pressure you into settling for less than you deserve. If you are contacted by an insurance company, contact us immediately. Our Pittsburgh truck accident lawyers can protect your best interests and offer free consultations.

Common Causes of Pittsburgh Truck Accidents

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has reported many types of trucking accidents throughout the state. One of the strengths of our firm is a proven ability to thoroughly investigate all the possible causes of serious trucking accidents, such as:

  • Trucking company: When the company hires untrained or inexperienced drivers or mismatches the load to the trailer, they can be held liable for any damages or injury suffered in the accident. Trucking companies may also be judged responsible for truck driver error or negligence by other employees.
  • Truck driver error: When truck drivers overlook warning signs of an unstable load or falling debris, or they drive on restricted highways in an effort to save time, they can be held responsible, whether they are company drivers or independent owner-operators. Or even driver fatigue.
  • Truck loading company: When a large truck suffers a rollover or causes an accident, it is always important to determine whether the loading company improperly distributed the weight of the load or failed to tie it down appropriately.
  • Truck or trailer manufacturer: When serious semi-truck accidents are caused by a design or manufacturing defect, the manufacturer can be held liable for the accident injuries that result.
  • Truck leasing company: When a vehicle condition issue or maintenance problem on a leased commercial truck causes or contributes to a serious accident, the leasing company may bear legal responsibility.

Once the cause is determined, we set about to prove that the company’s or truck driver’s negligence makes them legally responsible for your damages, medical bills, pain, suffering, lost wages or the costs associated with the loss of a loved one in fatal trucking crash. Our team of Pittsburgh distracted driving accident lawyers have the skills and resources to help victims recover compensation after a distracted truck driver accident. Our goal is to secure the full and fair compensation you need and deserve. Our Pittsburgh truck accident attorneys are equally adept at negotiating favorable insurance settlements and fighting for your right to be made whole in court.

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What Are the Most Common Types of Truck Accident Cases in Pittsburgh?

The Pittsburgh truck accident lawyers at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. have successfully represented clients seeking full and fair compensation for injuries suffered in a comprehensive range of large truck accidents, such as:

  • Truck-car or truck-SUV collisions and large truck accidents involving motorcycles
  • Phantom driver and hit and run truck accidents
  • Multiple vehicle pileups
  • Bicycle or pedestrian accident with a delivery truck, garbage truck, construction truck or other commercial vehicles
  • 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer jackknife accidents
  • Entrance and exit ramp accidents
  • Brake failure and runaway truck or trailer accidents
  • Rollover caused by a tire blowout or overloaded truck
  • Falling debris, unsecured loads, loose freight and log truck accidents
  • Truck accident fires, gas explosions and toxic spills, especially those involving fuel oil tanker trucks
  • Catastrophic injury and fatal truck accidents

It takes an uncommon level of skill and access to resources to effectively handle such a diverse range of truck accident injury claims. The willingness and ability of our truck accident lawyers in Pittsburgh to employ top-notch independent trucking accident investigators, videographers, accident reconstruction specialists and trucking industry experts sets us apart from many other personal injury law firms.

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