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When a dangerous or improper truck load causes a serious injury or fatal accident, it is crucial to determine whether the driver and trucking company complied with the federal rules governing load safety.

The team of experienced attorneys at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., assisted by independent commercial trucking industry experts, can conduct a timely and thorough investigation into the causes of your serious truck accident.

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Mismatching a truck load to the type of trailer used can lead to a rollover accident, as can high center of gravity loads. Improperly restrained truck loads can result in load shift and falling debris. Overloaded trucks are inherently dangerous, especially in wet or icy road conditions, and they violate state and federal law.

Trucking companies and independent owner-operators who violate truck load safety regulations can be held liable for damages, injury or wrongful death in the accidents that result.

Oversized loads are also highly regulated, requiring the trucking company to provide warning signs and escort vehicles, to meet visibility requirements and to keep off restricted highways.

When a company fails to comply with state and federal regulations and an accident results, the accident attorney team at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. will fight to hold them accountable.

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Our firm has the experience and resources to launch a full-scale investigation into the causes of your truck accident to preserve the evidence that may be crucial to winning your case.

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