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Pennsylvania Trucking Accident Lawyers

No one wants to pay the potentially enormous costs of a serious trucking accident. If you need an experienced lawyer who can stand up to the insurance companies, call 1-800-777-4081 for a free consultation.

Timely Investigations and Experienced Attorneys

The most effective method of identifying those liable in a trucking accident involves thorough and timely investigation by experienced attorneys and independent industry experts. Our firm has the resources to pull together a high-powered team in a short time to preserve the necessary evidence. We work to establish clear liability for your trucking accident, making a lengthy insurance coverage dispute less likely.

At Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., our team of experienced attorneys will stand up to the insurance companies and fight denied claims, delayed or partial payments, incomplete insurance investigation or any other insurance bad faith practice. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Don’t give up your rights: Before you talk to an insurance adjuster or sign any papers, call Dallas at 1-800-777-4081.

In serious trucking accident cases, there are often many potentially liable parties, all of whom are attempting to shift blame onto others. The insurance companies involved have entire teams dedicated to helping them avoid paying a claim or making a generous settlement.

Phantom driver cases — those in which an unidentified truck causes an accident and injury and then leaves the scene — are even more complicated. At Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., we have a proven record of success in tracking down these trucks and proving liability for the trucking accident they caused. When the driver can not be found, we can help you pursue a claim through your own uninsured motorist insurance.

The first insurance settlement offer is rarely the best. Call 1-800-777-4081 to speak with a trucking accident attorney who will fight for your best interests.

Insurance company representatives may try to pressure you into accepting their first settlement offer. This is often a serious mistake. Insurance carriers are in the business of making money and they do this in part by paying as little as possible on claims like yours. Contact us immediately if you have been offered a settlement. We will work to make sure you are receiving the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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The initial case evaluation is absolutely free, and we charge no legal fees or costs unless we obtain a settlement or award in your case.

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