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Pittsburgh Electrical Shock Attorney

A serious electrical shock disrupts the natural electrical impulses that regulate neurological functions throughout your body. Even before your brain registers the pain, your heart constricts and other vital organs go into violent spastic reactions that can result in permanent damage or death. The brain simply cannot handle the stress.

Electrical shocks from faulty equipment aren’t natural occurrences. Something goes wrong, either because of defective equipment or the wiring was not connected or grounded properly. Except in the case of a natural lightning strike, if you suffered a life-changing shock or lost a loved one to electrocution on the job or at home, there is usually liability that can be assigned.

If you were injured by a serious electrical shock, talk to a Pittsburgh injury attorney at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. right away.

Product Liability Claims for Electrical Shock Injuries

If you were injured by a serious shock at work in Pennsylvania or Ohio, you are entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits to recover medical expenses and lost earnings. You may also be entitled to seek compensation from the manufacturer or installer of defective or faulty equipment. Third-party claims are in addition to benefits you receive under your workers’ compensation plan. A skilled defective product attorney in Pittsburgh can help you secure compensation and file a product liability claim in Pennsylvania.

Premises Liability Claims If You Were Electrocuted on a Public Property

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain and replace electrical equipment before it becomes a hazard to the general public or workers on their job sites. If you were injured because of a faulty ground or insulation that no longer protected you from shock, reach out to a Pittsburgh premises liability lawyer to get help seeking additional damages for your injuries.

Subcontractor Liability

Many workers are injured when a subcontractor working on the same job site fails to complete wiring insulation or protect the site properly. You may also seek third-party damages from a subcontractor or electrical contractor responsible for ensuring the safety of the general public or other contractors on site.

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If you have suffered a burn injury from any type of electrical shock, contact our Pittsburgh burn injury lawyers for legal assistance seeking financial compensation today. From our offices in New Castle, Pittsburgh, Hermitage, Butler and Erie, we represent plaintiffs injured by electrical shock in communities throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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