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Fungal Meningitis

Pennsylvania Fungal Meningitis Lawsuit Attorney

An outbreak of deadly fungal meningitis, linked to an injected steroid containing a fungus, has now been found in Pennsylvania. The death toll has now reached 23 and there are currently more than 279 cases across the United States including the most recent case reported in Altoona, PA. The states who have reported cases include Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey, Idaho, Tennessee, Virginia, Minnesota, Virginia, Indiana, Michigan and Florida. Our malpractice attorney team can help you with your case.

For a complete list, by state of clinics where the recalled lots of steroids were delivered please click here.

Linked to an Injected Steroid

The outbreak is being linked to an injected steroid given for serious back pain. The vials of the steroids were shipped out by a compounding, specialty pharmacy in Framingham, Massachusetts, The New England Compounding Company. The product was shipped to 75 clinics in 23 states including Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey. The company not only recalled the steroids but all of the products manufactured there. Other companies are not involved in the recall that also makes the same kind of steroid.  In Pennsylvania, there were two clinics that confirmed delivery of the steroid, a clinic in Altoona and a clinic in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

Symptoms of Fungal Meningitis

Symptoms usually take one to four weeks to appear and include fever, pain or swelling at the injection site, new or worsening headache, sensitivity to light, new weakness or numbness and increasing pain. If you or a loved one received this injection and experience any of these symptoms you are encouraged to seek medical help immediately.

Vials Containing Aspergillus

Tennessee still remains to be the epicenter of the entire outbreak. It has the most cases at 49 and also has six deaths. The injections containing the fungus could have been given out as early as May 21, 2012. They believe the fungus that contaminated the vials was aspergillus, which is found on decaying vegetation and hay. It is unsure how the fungus found its way into the vials and it is also unsure how many unused vials are still in circulation.

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