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Pittsburgh PA Gas Explosion Attorney

In the blink of an eye, a gas explosion can happen and change many lives. In many cases, there is usually an underlying fault with the equipment or hookup. If you were injured in a gas explosion or lost a loved one in a fatal explosion in Pennsylvania or Ohio, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney in Pittsburgh at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. For more than 24 years, we have been fighting aggressively to help our clients obtain a financial recovery.

Was The Gas Explosion Your Fault?

Are you unsure whether the gas explosion was the result of a mistake you made while using the product, either at home or on the job? Don’t assume anything. It is important to talk to an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer who can investigate your claim.

Pennsylvania and Ohio are “comparative negligence” states. After determining the cause of the explosion, a percentage of liability will be assigned to various parties. You are entitled to seek damages up to the percentage of the liability assigned to the product manufacturer or other party deemed partially or fully liable.

How Can a Pittsburgh Gas Explosion Attorney Help Your Claim?

If you have suffered a burn injury after a gas explosion incident, our team of Pittsburgh burn injury lawyers at Dallas W. Hartman can represent you and your personal injury claim. Contact us to arrange a free consultation about your injuries. We have experience handling gas explosion cases throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio, including:

Contact A Pittsburgh Gas Explosion Lawyer for Your Case

To thoroughly investigate the cause of the gas explosion and the full extent of your injuries, our legal and medical team works with specialized Pittsburgh product liability attorneys and medical experts. We prepare your case carefully, using clear evidence to prove the full and fair money damages you are entitled to. We prepare every case to win in court, in the event the insurance company won’t come prepared for a full settlement. We are dedicated to helping you recover fair compensation for your losses.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation with an experienced Pittsburgh gas explosion lawyer at the Dallas W. Hartman offices today.

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