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Distracted Driver Accidents On the Rise in Pittsburgh, PA

Each year, the number of automotive accidents caused by distracted drivers in Allegheny County and all around western PA is rising. At Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., we have Pittsburgh distracted driving lawyers who pride themselves in the success they have gained from distracted driving lawsuits and litigation. Our trusted Pittsburgh distracted driving accident attorneys masterfully handle car accidents resulting from a driver’s negligence due to the use of a mobile phone, whether talking or texting or any other careless operation of technology while driving.

Our ability to help innocent victims who have suffered injuries or material damages is second to none. We have the work ethic, knowledge, and resources to investigate all angles of an accident and can even reconstruct accident scenarios. Our Pittsburgh car accident lawyers record of identifying and proving fault speaks for itself.

Distractions of Texting While Driving

Regardless of whether a driver is typing in a three-word response to someone else’s message while at a red light or stop sign, or making the dangerous effort to tap and type on their phone while in motion, it is against the law to text or email while you are driving in Pennsylvania and Ohio. While many people who have a phone with text and email capabilities have been guilty of checking their phone while in motion at least once or twice, the fact is that teenagers and young adults are often glued to their mobile devices. In a recent study completed by Virginia Tech, over 50% of teenagers have confessed to texting, emailing, or “searching” while behind the wheel of a car. In addition, Car and Driver Magazine recently set up a driving test that showed that reading an email or text can add 36 feet to your reaction time and sending one can add 70 feet.

Much like alcohol, and perhaps even worse, being distracted by a mobile device while you are driving is a deadly mixture. For driving-age teenagers, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the top cause of fatal crashes, at 33%, takes place while the driver is driving while texting. Safety officials name teenage boldness, lack of driving experience, delayed reaction times, and impaired judgment for this type of reckless driving.

However, it is not only teenagers who are at fault. Car and Driver Magazine show that while perhaps not quite as careless as teenagers and young adults, older age groups still account for a great number of fatalities on roadways that result from texting and driving.

Is Talking While Driving Distracting?

While at least twelve states have passed laws that prohibit talking on a hand-held device while driving, rarely a day goes by where we fail to see someone behind the wheel of their vehicle not paying attention to a traffic light because they are chatting away on their phone. The NHTSA recently estimated that at least 6% of drivers use their mobile phone (without a hands-free device) at length while they are driving and that at least 11% of drivers speak at length on their telephones while using a hands-free device like Blue Tooth. The NHTSA says that whether it’s hand-held or hands-free, talking on your phone while driving distracts drivers enough to cause lapses in judgment and sometimes complete disregard for what is going on around them. It is estimated that about 800,000 people are driving and talking on their mobile phones at any given time of the day. And as for who is most to blame, all age groups, from 70 and above to 16-18, feel that they are confident in their ability to safely multi-task driving and talking.

Other Common Driver Distractions

Although phone calls, and texting especially, are the root of most distracted driving accidents, there are other negligent behaviors drivers engage in that are dangerous for everyone on the road around them. Some of those negligent behaviors include:

  • Applying makeup or shaving
  • Tuning a radio, surfing through an MP3 player or iPod, or changing a compact disc
  • Programming a Global Positioning System (GPS) device (always punch your desired destination in before you go anywhere and pull over to readjust if needed)
  • Watching a video on social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, or Skype
  • Eating and drinking
  • Reading a newspaper or book
  • Being distracted by others in the vehicle

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If you have been injured by a distracted driver it can be a difficult thing to prove in court. Sometimes, drivers and defense attorneys are able to cite other reasons for roadway accidents and if you cannot prove otherwise you may not be able to collect the proper settlement. If a negligent commercial truck driver was responsible for your injuries in a distracted driving accident, our team of Pittsburgh truck accident lawyers can represent you and your case. If you have questions or would like to speak to one of our Pittsburgh distracted driving attorneys, then please contact us via email or call (toll-free) at 800-777-4081.

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