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Public Transit Accidents in Pennsylvania and Ohio

Each day millions of Americans rely on public transportation, buses and trains or the subway to commute to work and to get around their city or area. There are laws and regulations in place to govern these means of transportation and ensure the safety of all passengers. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, accidents still occur and passengers are injured. Pedestrians on the road or in the crosswalk can also be injured when drivers and operators make errors or drive recklessly.

Fighting For Compensation After Bus And Public Transportation Accidents Caused By Reckless Drivers

At Dallas W. Hartman P.C., Attorneys at Law, we advocate on behalf of victims and their families following these accidents. Our team of Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys is committed to recovering maximum benefits and the compensation you deserve to cover costly medical bills and the expenses of rehabilitation. This includes time lost at work because of the injury.

The city of Pittsburgh has experienced all too many bus accidents in recent years. Trends show that drivers are more aggressive and reckless, often resulting in serious injury to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

For more information about your rights and options, please contact our law offices today at 800-777-4081 for a free initial consultation. Public transportation accidents can stem from a variety of causes, usually resulting from negligence or recklessness on behalf of the driver or the company. This includes:

  • Lack of maintenance and repair to buses, trains, taxis and other public transportation
  • Reckless or negligent driving, including speeding or failure to yield
  • Sudden and dangerous stops or starts
  • Injuring passengers entering and leaving the bus or vehicle
  • Slippery surfaces or unmarked steps
  • Lack of security in public transportation stops or on the vehicle
  • Failure by the transportation company to conduct background checks
  • Failure to properly train and certify drivers and operators

Our team will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine what occurred and what should have been done to prevent the accident. We are experienced in seeking the full amount of compensation you deserve for the pain you have suffered.

Bus Drivers And Public Transportation Operators Injured On The Job

Our firm also represents drivers and operators who were injured in accidents or incidents while working. We handle those workers’ compensation claims and seek any third-party liability claims that might be available such as at-fault drivers who caused the accident.

For more information, call our law offices today.

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