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State and private road construction crews in Pennsylvania and Ohio are responsible for properly marking construction zones and keeping the lanes clear of debris and equipment that can cause accidents. Lanes must be wide enough to accommodate car and truck traffic, and warning signs and speed limits must be clear and prominent. Despite strict laws regulating construction zone set up, they are among the most dangerous places on our roadways.

If you were injured in a construction zone accident in Pennsylvania or Ohio, or lost a loved one in an accident in an unsafe construction zone, talk to a Pittsburgh injury attorney at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., in Hermitage, Butler and Erie, Pennsylvania. We are among the leading car accident personal injury law firms in the Pittsburgh area, representing clients throughout the region. When necessary, we rely on the expert advice and testimony of accident reconstruction experts and highway engineers to determine the extent of liability on the part of a construction company, another driver in the zone, or the local or state road crew.

You may have a claim for financial compensation if your construction zone accident was the result of:

  • Improper or insufficient speed limit signs or other traffic signage
  • Narrow lanes
  • Driver tried to pass illegally in a marked zone
  • Construction debris or equipment left in road or on shoulder
  • Unsafe, uneven pavement that was not marked properly
  • Unsafe or improper merge lanes
  • Road shoulder unfit for traffic or emergency stopping

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Our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients who have suffered serious injury because of an unsafe construction zones in Pennsylvania and Ohio, including:

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