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Vehicle Rollovers

Two injured in Ohio rollover accident

Rollover accidents are among some of the most serious types motor vehicle accidents. In many cases, drivers and passengers who are involved in rollover accidents sustain serious and life-threatening injuries. Such injuries typically require immediate medical attention and take weeks...
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Parents most influential in preventing teen car accidents

In recent months, there have been a number of fatal car accidents involving teen drivers and passengers. One of these tragic accidents recently occurred in Ohio and has spurred debate amongst state highway safety, law enforcement and school officials as...
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Failure to stop results in SUV rollover accident

Car accidents that result in vehicle rollovers are among some of the most serious and often result in those individuals involved sustaining serious or fatal injuries. Oftentimes, rollover accidents result when two or more vehicles collide with one another. The...
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Girl, 15, killed in SUV rollover

Police in Butler County, Pennsylvania, recently identified the 15-year-old girl who was killed in a car accident on Wednesday in the town of Clay.The girl was killed when the SUV in which she was riding rolled over around 11:15 p.m....
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Could cars that talk to each other prevent accidents?

Wouldn't it be great if cars somehow could avoid crashing into each other, despite driver negligence? Does that idea sound like something out of a Pixar cartoon? Maybe, but preventing serious car accidents in Ohio through the use of vehicle-to...
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Ohio vehicle rollover kills teen hours before graduation

"Weird to think graduation is tomorrow time does fly big time." Tweeted an 18-year-old Ohio senior on the Brunswick High School football team. A well-liked athlete, this may have been the last several of his classmates heard from him.Brunswick High...
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Ohio vehicle rollover causes backup on I-70

It's Friday afternoon on the first weekend of June. You are excited to get out and enjoy the weather with your family and not think about work for a couple of days. Maybe you will take the kids out on...
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Youngstown man trapped in vehicle after rollover

Initially, there is probably a feeling of confusion as the world spins out of focus, alternating between the light of the sky and the darkness of the ground. The sound of metal crunching and glass breaking shocks you to your...
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Ohio woman rolls car, hits house, totals vehicle

An Ohio rollover accident that occurred yesterday left the victim of this single-car accident dazed but largely unharmed. Reportedly, the driver was turning when she veered too far left and rolled her car after overcorrecting. The woman then hit both...
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Who is to blame in a vehicle rollover?

Saturday, two cars, a Chevrolet truck and a Pontiac sedan, were each headed west on I-90 in Ohio when the truck side swept the other car, causing the truck to roll several times before resting on its side in a...
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Ohio ambulance rollover injures 1

When drivers in Ohio hear the wail of an ambulance, they expect to see flashing red lights whiz by as the vehicle is off to assist the victim of some incident unknown. What they don't expect to be greeted by...
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