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Birth Injuries

Uniontown Hospital employee drops newborn child

A hospital mistake at Uniontown Hospital in Fayette County, Pennsylvania has caused a newborn baby to be airlifted to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to initial reports, a nurse with 30 years of experience was seated and providing care...
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Effexor birth injuries lawsuits closer to trial

The birth injuries lawsuits involving Effexor, an antidepressant drug, have been set to move toward the first round of trials. The lawsuits allege that when expecting mothers took the antidepressant during their first trimester, it caused their children to suffer...
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Birth injuries caused by E. coli can go undetected

Usually, a stomach virus, flu, or food poisoning does not put your unborn baby at risk. If a mother-to-be is throwing up or has irregular bowel movements, she can be treated with a lot of fluids and rest. For more...
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Study shows possible link between fracking and birth injuries

A study completed by Colorado's National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (CNIEHS) shows possible evidence that women who are pregnant who live near fracking stations may be up to thirty times more likely to give birth to a child with...
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West Virginia family awarded $55 million for OBGYN’s mistakes

Over the past two weeks, a jury has been deliberating over a Lehigh County, WV birth defect trial wherein a couple has filed and won a lawsuit against St. Luke's University Hospital and one of its doctors, stating that the...
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Cleveland family awarded $12.9 million for birth injuries

A Cleveland woman whose daughter was injured at birth has been awarded $12.9 million. The family's representation able to prove that the injuries came as a result of doctors pulling on the baby's head when her arm was lodged in...
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Not enough info about birth control leaves Accutane users to deal with birth defects

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, have found that women who are taking a well-known drug for acne may have children who are susceptible to birth defects. What's worse, these women may not be getting the proper...
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Birth trauma and injuries still happen at alarming rates

Birth injuries and trauma seem to be a thing of the past, but do still occur at an alarming rate regardless of the world's great technological advances over the past century. When a child endures unnecessary permanent damage during the...
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Study connects pregnancy complications to cerebral palsy

When preparing for a new child, Pennsylvania parents often do everything they can to ensure that their child will come into the world happy and healthy. One thing pregnant mothers typically do is visit with an OB/GYN doctor to ensure...
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Pregnant women may be at risk for unnecessary procedures

For many women in Pittsburgh it is likely that their first stay in a hospital is when they give birth for the first time. While for many women, other than having a baby this stay is uneventful, other new mothers...
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Mother of child who suffered brain damage due to infection sues

Many birth injuries that negatively impact babies occur in the course of the actual delivery. In some cases, attending physicians may fail to take note of a drop in the baby's heart rate indicating that it is not receiving enough...
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Judgment of $130M in cerebral palsy birth injury case

Regardless of how one looks at it, birth injuries are a terrible thing. The thought of a newborn baby suffering a life altering injury before even having a chance to live a normal life is heartbreaking and sadly occurs all...
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