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Ohio vehicle rollover causes backup on I-70

It's Friday afternoon on the first weekend of June. You are excited to get out and enjoy the weather with your family and not think about work for a couple of days. Maybe you will take the kids out on the river. Or maybe just catch some rays. Your thoughts are interrupted when the traffic on I-70 comes to a screeching halt.

Every Ohio resident hates traffic. However, few things are worse than rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon. I-70 was backed up with congestion for several hours this past Friday and it appears that an out-of-state driver may be the source of the clogged roads.

A vehicle rollover occurred when a driver traveling using excessive speed in rainy conditions without tires equipped to do so. The driver then struck a guardrail and embankment, which resulted in a driver to his right rolling his vehicle and blocking traffic.

It appears that no one was seriously injured in this rollover. However, the driver of the car that rolled may face injury in the coming days that was not immediately apparent. If this is the case, that driver could pursue a personal injury claim to cover the medical bills. Additionally, it is a reminder to be cognizant of speeds on Ohio roadways during summer showers. Unsafe conditions are not reserved exclusively for the winter.

The out-of-state driver was transported to an Ohio hospital with minor injuries and was further cited by Ohio police for operating a vehicle without reasonable control.

Source: Zanesville Times Recorder, "Driver identified in Friday I-70 rollover," June 3, 2012

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