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Pedestrian Accidents

Icy roads lead to pedestrian accidents in Western Pennsylvania

Two separate pedestrian accidents have tragically taken the lives of two Western Pennsylvania residents over the weekend. An Aleppo Township woman was killed while walking her dogs on Aleppo Road in Allegheny County on January 3, 2014. Also, in Armstrong...
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Boy fatally struck in pedestrian accident

A fatal pedestrian accident in Franklin Township, New Jersey involving a police cruiser and a young boy occurred Sunday night. The boy was on his way to a sleepover with two friends along with two adult supervisors. As they were...
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Pittsburgh man killed in pedestrian accident

A fatal pedestrian accident claimed the life of a Pittsburgh area man Wednesday night. The accident occurred around 11:30 pm and about half a mile east of the Boulevard of the Allies exit of I-376 East in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The...
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Pittsburgh pedestrian accident: 1 dead, 2 injured

A tragic pedestrian accident occurred Wednesday morning on the South Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A one-ton dump truck drove onto the curb of East Carson Street right before crossing the Smithfield Bridge. The truck then hit two pedestrians from behind...
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Pedestrian accident hospitalizes woman

A pedestrian accident occurred in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on Thursday evening. This Pennsylvania woman was on a jog, when a car struck her while she was crossing Montgomery Avenue. The car was stopped at a red-light heading westbound on Montgomery. As...
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Pedestrian accident seriously injures 22 year old

A hit and run pedestrian accident occurred early Saturday morning on November 8th. At first police told reporters that the victim of the accident was 91 years old, but the investigators now know the victim was a 22-year old man.The...
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Halloween pedestrian accident leaves 3 dead

Pedestrian accidents are sadly common on Halloween because the streets are full of children of all ages, walking the neighborhood to trick-or-treat. In the Los Angeles area this normally joyful tradition took a tragic turn when a Sport Utility Vehicle...
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Pennsylvania State Trooper involved in pedestrian accident

A pedestrian accident has severely injured a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper in Western Pennsylvania. A vehicle on Route 19 struck a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper in Westmoreland County. The incident occurred near West Tech Drive in East Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania....
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Twelve people injured in Ohio pedestrian accident

An unusual pedestrian accident took place in Northeast Ohio on October 23, 2014. Twelve people were injured, three of which seriously injured, when a stolen truck was crashed into the Dover Gardens Tavern in Westlake, Ohio. Two 26 year old men...
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Compensation for pedestrians hit by buses

A pedestrian accident involving a New Castle, PA man and a New Castle Transit bus occurred Monday, October 13. The New Castle man was hit by a bus on Garfield Avenue and is said to be in critical condition after...
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Police question suspects in fatal hit-and-run accident

Hit-and-run accidents that cause the death of a loved one can be difficult to wrap your head around. Why someone would leave a victim to die after they just hit them with their vehicle is also a difficult thing to...
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Ohio policeman injured in pedestrian hit-and-run

Hit-and-run accidents can devastate individuals and their families. Victims are often left seriously injured or worse. Their families can suffer, especially if the victim is the primary source of money. As medical bills add up and missed time at work...
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