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Construction Workers’ Accidents

Construction sites are responsible for most head injuries

Construction sites are one of the most regulated industries in the country, and yet it is still responsible for a significant portion of severe workplace injuries, fatalities, and it is even responsible for the most brain injuries. Despite the presence...
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Construction worker electrocuted at Mt. Lebanon High School

Unfortunately, despite all of the advances in safety technology and procedures, severe accidents still occur on construction sites throughout the country. Even workers who are simply effecting repairs are occasionally injured. This post will go over one construction worker's injury...
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Technological advancements may protect construction workers (P.2)

In our last post, we started a discussion about new technologies that are paving the way for increased construction zone safety. These technologies take a new and exciting approach to keeping our construction workers safe.If we were to think about...
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Technological advancements may protect construction workers (P.1)

Working in the construction industry can be very rewarding. It can be a lifelong career leading to many advancement opportunities. At the same time, construction work can be extremely dangerous. These workers often put their faith in the company they...
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Why is scaffolding so deadly?

Scaffolding accidents continue to be a major contributor to construction site injuries. According to OSHA, ensuring scaffold safety on construction sites would prevent approximately 4,500 injuries and 50 deaths per year. What is it about scaffolding that makes it so...
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A closer look at construction worker injuries, accidents, P.2

In today’s post we continue taking a look at the different types of construction worker accidents and the injuries related to them. It’s important to understand what types of accidents may happen on the construction worksite and the legal options...
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A closer look at construction worker injuries, accidents, P.1

The construction industry keeps our cities in workable condition. They help build our infrastructure, the homes around us and the businesses we frequent. While the industry has a lot of good opportunities in terms of jobs, these careers come with...
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April showers bring construction accidents

As we ease out of winter and into spring, construction crews will increasingly be working outdoors on projects like road repairs, bridge repairs and home construction. While the warmer weather allows these projects to commence or resume, spring rain can...
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Crane accident not the first for NYC crane owner Bay Crane

On Friday February 5, a crane collapsed in Lower Manhattan, killing one person and injuring three others. The crane operating company, Galasso Trucking & Rigging, had been lowering the crane to adjust to windy conditions when the crane toppled over....
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Pennsylvania bridge repair company deemed OSHA “severe violator”

The Pennsylvania bridge repair company, Susquehanna Supply Company Inc., has been fined $140,000 and placed in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Severe Violator Enforcement Program list for a July 7, 2015 trench collapse on a work site that...
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Tragic teen accident highlights dangers of forklifts

A joyride on a forklift turned fatal when teens entered a Wissinoming, Pennsylvania, paper company last fall for fun. A 13-year-old boy died after the forklift he was driving collided with another forklift driven by a friend. While technically the accident...
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What are the most common types of construction accidents?

In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that one in five worker deaths resulted from construction accidents. Of those construction deaths, more than half resulted from just four causes: falls, electrocution, being struck by an object, and caught-in/between hazards....
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