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Vehicle Rollovers

Butler County teen killed in an ATV roll-over accident

An ATV accident in Butler County this past weekend has caused the death of a 16-year-old boy. The accident happed on Butternut Road in Butler County, Pennsylvania just east of Karns City. The victim of this tragic accident was a...
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Vehicle rollover car accident kills one in Pittsburgh

A vehicle rollover car accident this afternoon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the Parkway East inbound near the Greenfield Bridge has killed one and injured another. The accident is currently under investigation and police do not know what caused the accident.Similar to...
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Rollover accident leaves two injured in Warren, Ohio

Vehicle rollovers can be devastating for the victims and their families. Whether it is the fault of the driver or the vehicle manufacturer, a rollover accident almost always ends with the victims suffering significant injuries or worse. If you have...
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One dead, four injured in Ohio rollover crash

Any car accident can result in those drivers and passengers involved suffering serious injuries. However, those motor vehicle accidents that result in a car or truck rolling over often result in some of the most serious and life-threatening injuries.The family...
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Jurors agree defective tire caused rollover accident, award $10M

Imagine driving to work only to have a tire on your vehicle suddenly fly off. For one 39-year-old woman, this nightmare scenario became a reality in 2009. As a result of the defective tire, the wife and mother of three...
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One dead after rollover accident involving church passenger van

Many churches throughout the state of Ohio readily rely upon large passenger vans to transport adults and children to church-related events. The safety of these types of 15-passenger vans, however, has come into question amid cautions by the National Transportation...
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Ohio man faces charges related to fatal rollover accident

Many motor vehicle accidents involve more than one car or truck that crash into one another. While injuries sustained in such accidents can be severe and painful in nature, some of the most serious car accidents are those that involve...
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Rollover accidents often result in serious, fatal injuries

Injuries that result from any motor vehicle accident can be serious in nature and result in those involved sustaining painful and debilitating injuries. Rollover accidents are among some of the most serious and deadly of all motor vehicle accidents. In...
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Rollover accident on Ohio’s I-71 leaves four injured, one dead

Accidents in which a vehicle turns or rolls over are among some of the most serious and potentially deadly. In many cases, rollover accidents are caused by driver error and result in passengers being ejected from the rolling car or...
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Tips to avoid being involved in a rollover accident

Each year, thousands of Americans are involved in car accidents that result from simply driving too fast. In many cases, drivers fail to realize they are driving too fast for road conditions. In many cases, by the time a driver...
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Two Ohio women involved in serious rollover accident on I-680

Individuals involved in rollover accidents often describe the event as being terrifying. Rollover accidents are among some of the most serious car accidents and often result in those drivers and passengers involved sustaining serious or even fatal injuries. One serious...
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Ohioans reminded to buckle-up this Memorial Day weekend

Every car and truck is equiped with seat belts. For years, numerous safety tests have proven again and again the life-saving benefits of seat belts. Despite the overwhelming evidence to support the necessity of seat belts and nation-wide laws mandating...
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