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Workers’ Compensation

Bucket truck overturns killing local man

A Penn Power worker was killed on Sunday afternoon when the bucket truck he was in overturned and he fell onto the roadway. The accident happened in the 300 block of Dutch Ridge Road in Wayne Township. Authorities reported that...
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Volunteer firefighter workers’ compensation claim difficult case

Putting one's life at risk for others is often labeled as heroic. Salaried and volunteer firefighters risk their lives for others on a routine basis. If they are injured or become sick as a result of their service, they are...
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Workplace injuries, at home

Everyone knows that if you are injured at work, then you can file a workers' compensation claim. But what if you are injured while working from home? Are you entitled to the same protections? Can you even recover workers' compensation?...
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Workers’ compensation leaves low-wage workers behind

Workers' compensation was conceived as an umbrella solution to solve the rash of injuries that left workers unable to work and financially vulnerable. Workers' compensation also protected businesses from being over-litigated by injured workers whose only recourse was the courts....
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Can you work part-time and collect workers’ compensation?

It is a common myth that you can either receive workers' compensation or your wage but not both. That is not true. Workers? compensation can and does replace wages, but it isn't only limited to that role. This post will...
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A review of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act

The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act was passed in 1914. It enshrines all of the rights that employees have and the obligations that employers bear. The latest version was updated last year and implemented in February of 2016. This post will...
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Workers’ compensation: a key workplace protection

At every hour of the day, every day, legions of workers across Pennsylvania and Ohio dutifully clock in at their respective workplaces. They consistently provide their employers with conscientious and sustained on-the-job effort that promotes company goals and their enterprise's...
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Federal oversight possible for workers’ compensation programs

Workers' compensation is a state-run program. As such, benefits can vary widely from state to state, even for the same injury. Unfortunately, in a number of states, legislatures have taken action in recent years that make it more difficult for...
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Diabetes can complicate a workers’ compensation claim

Recovery from a work injury is rarely simple. But for those workers who also have diabetes, it can prove particularly complicated. For injured workers with diabetes struggling to recover, effectively managing diabetes may be a key component of a successful...
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Can wearable technology increase worker safety?

You may already use wearable technology to keep track of your daily health and fitness goals. But now employers may be eyeing the technology to help monitor their workers to prevent injuries, and therefore avoid potential workers' compensation claims. The  put...
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Can you file a workers’ comp claim for a food allergy?

Workers injured on the job can file claims after being injured in various ways: falls, explosions, amputations and caught-in-between accidents being some of the more common, at least on construction sites. But what if you work in an office where...
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Retaliation claims a growing trend in workers’ comp law

Filing for and securing workers' compensation after an on-the-job injury can be a complicated process in itself. But life becomes even more complicated if you lose your job after filing a claim. Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for workers...
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