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Nursing Home Deaths

Nursing home resident dies allegedly at hands of fellow resident

Often when a resident of a nursing home in Pennsylvania dies before his or her time, it is due to the action or inaction of those employed at the facility. The direct action or inaction of facility caregivers is not...
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Nursing home negligence alleged in death of elderly woman

Incidents prompting wrongful death lawsuits can take place at virtually any location and involve individuals of all walks of life. Those who unexpectedly die, in Pittsburgh and beyond, as a result of negligent behavior of another, do not need to...
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Stun gun used on nursing home resident suffering from dementia

Most people view nursing homes as a place their loved ones with serious medical conditions can reside, either for the remainder of their lives, or while recovering from serious injuries. In situations where individuals are dealing with serious illness that...
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Keeping a loved one in a nursing home safe, part 2

In our last post we focused on things to watch out for involving nursing home staff that could signal that a loved one is not receiving the level of care to which he or she is entitled. We pick up...
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Keeping a loved one in a nursing home safe, part 1

Unable to care for loved ones themselves, each day residents of Pennsylvania make the difficult decision to move family into nursing homes. When selecting the new home, it is not uncommon for people to visit and research many facilities. Even...
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Man dies after wandering away from nursing home

Individuals throughout the Pittsburgh area rely upon nursing homes to care for their loved ones who are in need of round-the-clock care. As the baby boomer generation ages the reliance upon nursing home and assisted living facilities will likely only...
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Complaint against Pennsylvania nursing home changes care standard

Each day families throughout the nation make the difficult decision to place their loved ones in a nursing home, assuming that there they will receive the health care they regularly need. For some people, the caregivers to whom they entrust...
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Monitor nursing homes for proper care

Moving an elderly family member into a nursing home can be very difficult for many Pennsylvania families. Many would prefer to care for loved ones themselves, but find they don't have the time or skills to provide the level of...
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Pennsylvania family sues nursing home for wrongful death

Each day families throughout the Pittsburgh area make the difficult decision to move their loved ones into an assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. In many cases the individuals moved to such facilities are elderly and have a myriad of...
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East coast nursing home death brings large fine

A nursing home located in a state neighboring Pennsylvania was fined by state officials after the choking death of a resident in April. Curiously, this nursing home death is the fourth such tragic incident in nursing homes in that state...
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Nursing home resident who wandered away found dead

Throughout the nation, families find themselves making the decision to place loved ones, who for a variety of reason can no longer care for themselves, in nursing homes. The idea behind these facilities, many of which are located in the...
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Nursing home at fault for resident’s death

There has been yet another elder group home tragedy. An assisted-living resident living in a state in the Midwest was deprived of emergency resuscitation while he was choking because personnel thought he had a do-not-resuscitate order in his file. An...
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