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Workplace Accidents

Shippingport power plant accident kills 2, injures 4

An early morning explosion at the Bruce Mansfield Power Plant in Beaver County filled an underground pit with sludge killing two contractors. Four others were injured. The two contractors who were killed worked for Enerfab Corp.   It is reported that...
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Department of Labor passes new fall protection regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an office in the Department of Labor, released updates to the fall prevention rules. The new regulations cover both falls from heights and same-level falls. This post will go over the new rules...
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Distraction blamed for Philadelphia Amtrak crash

The 2015 Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia that killed 8 people and injured almost 200 others is now thought to have been caused by distraction on the part of the conductor. An investigation has found that the conductor, Brandon Bostian, had...
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Coal mining deaths at a record low

There is good news for people who work in the coal mining industry: on-the-job deaths for coal miners are at a record low. The last week in December the death toll stood at 11, whereas in 2014 there were 16 mining-related...
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Another FedEx worker dies in work accident

It is that heartwarming time of year, when we see more FedEx and UPS trucks on the roads. With the holidays having arrived, family and friends are sending each other gifts to show their love and appreciation. With this happy...
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Chemical fire spurs neighborhood evacuation, injures workers

A group of residents in Allegheny County was ushered out of their more than 70 homes on Tuesday morning. Imagine their shock as emergency officials roused them out their beds, interrupted their breakfasts and morning routines. Imagine the fear they...
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Pittsburgh worker falls 15 feet in workplace accident

A workplace accident in Allegheny County caused one man to be injured and another to be stranded on a roof. When two men were working on the roof of a home on Pulawski Way in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a stairwell collapsed....
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Workplace safety? There are apps for that

There are many things that individuals and companies do to try to keep workers safe. As technology has infiltrated so many parts of our lives the area of workplace safety has not been left behind. Instead, many apps focused on...
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Workplace accident causes death of paramedic

In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a paramedic was killed while responding to a car accident on Route 271. The victim was hit by a coal truck. The ambulance service was responding to one of many car accidents in Upper Yoder Township in...
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Tree trimmer dies in workplace accident

It is fair to say that when heading off to work each day, most people do not consider that they will be seriously injured or die while at work. It is likely that this was the case for a 54-year-old...
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Tips to keep workers safe from fire this season

Employers have a responsibility to employees to provide a workplace that is safe. This is true whether the work takes place in a warehouse, construction site or office setting. This also applies to seasonal workers who are hired to help...
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