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Parents most influential in preventing teen car accidents

In recent months, there have been a number of fatal car accidents involving teen drivers and passengers. One of these tragic accidents recently occurred in Ohio and has spurred debate amongst state highway safety, law enforcement and school officials as to how to prevent other teens from being involved in similar situations.

While safe driving classes and public awareness campaigns have been proven effective in helping to promote safe driving practices among teen drivers, many believe parents hold the key to preventing similar tragic accidents. Even though it may appear that a teen isn't listening or paying attention, parents often have the most influence over a teen's behavior.

Most Ohio residents have likely heard the saying "actions speak louder than words". When it comes to parenting, children of all ages tend to hone in on and emulate a parent's actions regardless of verbal advice. As such, it's wise for parents to practice what they preach and work to correct and improve their own driving behaviors.

To keep teen drivers safe, parents should engage in an ongoing and open dialog with teens. While driving with a teen, parents should be sure to drive within the speed limit and follow a safe distance behind other cars and trucks. What's more, parents should always where seat belts and remain focused on and attentive to the task of driving.

Parents would also be wise to have frank discussions with teens about the dangers associated with drinking and driving. Many of the recent fatal and serious car accidents involving teens also involved multiple teenagers traveling in the same vehicle. Such situations have been proven to greatly increase the likelihood that a teen will be involved in a car accident. It's important, therefore, that Ohio teens follow the law with regard to the number of minor passengers allowed in a motor vehicle.

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Source: Florida Weekly, "Parents need to steer teen drivers in right direction," April, 2013

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