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Mental Illness

Mentally ill man beaten with bats by his “guardians”

A 25-year-old mentally challenged man was beaten with an aluminum baseball bat by his grandfather's girlfriend because it was "lighter and easier to swing," according to the suspect.Detectives from the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office arrested the 61-year-old woman and...
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Erie court upholds child abuse sentencing

A judge from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has upheld a prison sentence after a convicted child abuser attempted to have it reduced. Police in Erie found the woman's four-year-old naked and terribly bruised at her Chestnut Street apartment two years...
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Jails have become overrun with many who are considered mentally ill

In a 2006 United States Bureau of Justice Statistics poll, 56% of state prison inmates and 64% of local inmates were said to be suffering from some sort of mental illness. Mental health experts today say those numbers are too...
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Mental health facility budget cuts are happening all over the region

Despite mass shootings and murder-suicides tied to people with serious mental health issues, states around the country continue to cut funding every year. Budgets cuts lead to reduced access to care--it's as simple as that. And with deplorable acts of...
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$11 million in cuts to mental health in PA has its consequences

Mental health facilities in western Pennsylvania are nearly extinct. Budget cuts over the past 30-40 years have forced state-run psychiatric hospitals to close their doors, leaving previous inhabitants to be dealt with by the law, for-profit companies, local hospitals, and...
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