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Truck Accidents

Tractor trailer causes horrific 10 car accident at dangerous intersection in Churchill

Emergency crews from several areas were on the scene of a horrific accident in Churchill this afternoon.  News outlets reported a crash involving a tractor-trailer and multiple other vehicles on William Penn Highway (Route 22) and Rodi Road in Churchill. ...
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Bucket truck overturns killing local man

A Penn Power worker was killed on Sunday afternoon when the bucket truck he was in overturned and he fell onto the roadway. The accident happened in the 300 block of Dutch Ridge Road in Wayne Township. Authorities reported that...
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Speed kills: road safety advocates cite truck-related concern

Not going to happen. The worst fears collectively held by a broad coalition of road safety advocates across the country are about to realized, with a commercial truck-related rule they had hoped to see implemented before the end of the...
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An overview of danger zones around commercial trucks

Commercial trucks represent a small portion of overall traffic but an outsize portion of car accidents with fatalities. In 2014, 3,660 people were killed in an accident involving 18-wheeler tractor-trailers. The reason for these increased for a variety of reasons...
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Trucks may be required to slow down in the name of safety

The U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed that trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds be limited to a certain speed on the highway-- likely somewhere between 60 and 68 miles per hour. The proposal is intended to save lives and...
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Tired truckers find relief in parking app

Willie Nelson couldn't wait to get back on the road again. But for truckers who just logged a long day behind the wheel, sometimes all they want is a parking spot. Increasingly a good parking spot is hard to find...
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Truck accident fatalities increased in 2015

According to data collected in a report by the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of fatalities resulting from truck crashes increased by 4 percent between 2014 and 2015. Overall traffic deaths increased over the same time period by...
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Trucking accidents could be greatly reduced if truck manufacturers implemented collision mitigation systems, according to NHTSA

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are between two and three rear-end collisions involving commercial tractor trailers every hour in the United States on average. There is technology that can help deter these accidents; however, most...
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Electronic logging devices aim to prevent falsified records

As of December 2017, all commercial truck drivers who currently use paper logs to track their time will be required to make the switch to electronic logging devices (ELDs). The move is intended to cut down on driver fatigue by...
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Not all jackknife accidents stem from driver error

Trucks that jackknife can cause some of the most frightening and potentially damaging accidents on the road. The sheer weight of trucks alone, compared to the weight of cars and other vehicles, should inspire caution in other drivers, even under...
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“Chameleon” trucking companies responsible for many injuries and deaths

A trucking company from Wake Forest, NC called Elite Freight Systems went out of business in 2009 because it was experiencing problems on the road. It soon came back as Elite Freight Systems, Incorporated and received a brand new company...
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Twelve-vehicle pileup on Interstate 80 in Mercer County

With winter hitting Western PA now in full force, Interstate 80 will see its fair share of accidents. Each year, our stretch of I-80 is touted as one of the country's most dangerous strips to drive on during inclement weather....
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