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Youngstown man trapped in vehicle after rollover

Initially, there is probably a feeling of confusion as the world spins out of focus, alternating between the light of the sky and the darkness of the ground. The sound of metal crunching and glass breaking shocks you to your senses and then as quickly as it began, the motion stops. You catch your breath and realize you have just been the victim of a vehicle rollover.

This may have been the thought process of one Youngstown, Ohio, man that was trapped as his vehicle rolled out of control and came to rest on its top. Police are reportedly investigating the terrifying accident, which occurred on the West Side of Youngstown.

Early reports indicate that the car was driving along Bears Den Road early in the morning when, for a reason yet to be determined, the driver lost control, impacting with a rock followed by a tree, and ultimately flipped.

The Ohio victim was tapped in his vehicle and had to be extracted by emergency workers. He was taken to St. Elizabeth's Health Center, where his current condition remains unknown. It is very possible that this man has serious injuries because vehicle rollovers can cause some of the most catastrophic injuries.

Although this appears to be a single-car collision, this rollover may not have been the fault of the driver. Very often in single-car rollovers, faulty manufacturing is to blame. This is particularly true in the case of SUVs and larger vehicles. If it is determined that this is the case in this accident, the victim could be entitled to compensation to cover his medical expenses.

Source: WYTV 33, "One Hurt in Youngstown Rollover Accident," April 27, 2012

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