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Who is to blame in a vehicle rollover?

Saturday, two cars, a Chevrolet truck and a Pontiac sedan, were each headed west on I-90 in Ohio when the truck side swept the other car, causing the truck to roll several times before resting on its side in a ditch.

The driver of the sedan was uninjured but the both the driver and passenger of the truck were injured in this vehicle rollover accident. The driver of the truck has been charged with several charges, including reckless driving.

The passenger that was victim to injury in this rollover accident could be entitled to compensation for her injuries and medical expenses. However, although this Ohio driver was charged with driving recklessly, this accident may not be entirely his fault. The subsequent injuries were likely compounded in this accident because the vehicle rolled.

Often, trucks and SUVs are more susceptible to rollover accidents because of their manufacturing. In rollover accidents, it is generally assumed that the rollover was the fault of the driver because they were going too fast or turned too sharply. However, safety standards in the manufacturing of large cars can often be to blame as well.

Deducing which party precisely is to blame for this rollover accident could mean the difference between the driver having to pay out the damages to his passenger and the driver receiving damages from the manufacturing company that could be liable for his truck rolling in this accident.

In situations where it may be unclear exactly where blame lay, it is critical to speak with experienced legal counsel before talking to an insurance company.

Source: Erie Times-News, "2 people hospitalized after rollover on I-90," April 2, 2012

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