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Ohio woman rolls car, hits house, totals vehicle

An Ohio rollover accident that occurred yesterday left the victim of this single-car accident dazed but largely unharmed. Reportedly, the driver was turning when she veered too far left and rolled her car after overcorrecting. The woman then hit both a tree and a house. There was some damage to the gutter of the house and the car reportedly appears to be totaled upon initial inspection.

Vehicle rollovers can be terrifying and catastrophic. This woman is lucky she escaped with such little bodily damage. Her car and the house, however, are a different story. The woman could incur expenses as a result of the rollover, but it might not have been her fault.

While it would be easy to assume that in a single-car accident the driver is at fault, faulty car manufacturing can be to blame in some instances as well. It is important to determine what, exactly, went awry in a rollover accident to determine if compensation is due.

If it is determined that faulty manufacturing is at play in this accident, this woman could be entitled to compensation for her medical bills because, although the damage was minor, she was transported to an area hospital and anytime medical professionals are involved, expenses can result. Additionally, it could be possible she suffered unknown injuries because in several situations, the extent of injuries is not fully known until the event has passed.

In the event of such a situation, it is important to seek counsel immediately as soon as possible after the accident to assess the damages and possible compensation.

Source: Zanesville Times Recorder, "Driver hospitalized after rollover accident," April 19, 2012

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