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Distracted Driving

Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappe cause of Distracted Driving

If you haven’t heard of the latest Starbucks drink, the Unicorn Frappe, you might be living under a rock.   All kidding aside, this pink and blue swirled, sweet and sour drink has been the talk of the nation on...
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Why are distracted driving victims suing Apple?

When Americans take driving education courses, they learn that individual decision-making while behind the wheel can dramatically impact one’s own life and the lives of those near one’s vehicle. While drivers are encouraged to make safe decisions, many voluntarily embrace...
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HB853: Daniel’s Law hits PA House floor on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Daniel's Law, written by PA House Representative Jaret Gibbons, is up for a vote on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. If passed, House Bill 853 will amend Title 75 (Vehicles) and Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses), and enforce enhanced penalties for...
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Local family fighting for stricter laws against texting while driving

On May 7, 2013, disaster struck the Gallatin family from New Castle, Pennsylvania. On this day, Daniel Gallatin was tragically killed while riding his motorcycle by a woman that was texting while driving her SUV. The driver that killed Mr....
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Ohioans want distracted driving rules better enforced

It's been one year since Ohio passed laws against distracted driving and texting-while-driving. Unfortunately, however, authorities are not impressed with the results of their new laws.The Ohio Department of Transportation says that in the last twelve months only sixty people...
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Distracted Driving not being enforced enough, researchers say

As we've reported in the past, a recent Virginia Tech study found that texting-while-driving can increase a person's chance of an accident by at least twenty-three times. Researchers say that composing a text message of just a few lines is...
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State officials and “Big Mobile” team up in fight against texting-while-driving

Recently, Pennsylvania's Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, joined Scranton High School in eastern PA, as well as representatives of AT&T, to show kids that if you're driving, texting can wait.Similar to drunk driving simulated cars in the past, texting-while-driving simulators are...
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Distracted driving may be the cause of yet another death on our roadways

At least two people were injured and one woman died on Tuesday morning after an accident outside of Hamilton Township near Allentown.The Monroe County commissioner said that two helicopters were called to the scene to LifeFlight the victims, but that...
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Virginia Distracted Driving Summit posts important question, gives frightening answers

The Chairperson of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Deborah Hersman, says that the United States can reduce the number of highway deaths to zero and it starts with the end of distracted driving. "It can be done. All of...
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Cell phone companies endorse and sponsor anti-texting-while-driving film

As high school and college students have made their way back to school this semester, there is one thing in particular that social focus and parent/teacher groups are trying to push: the potential effects of distracted driving. AT&T, Sprint, and...
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Distracted driving remains a serious issue on the rise in PA

The idea of driving while distracted is an anomaly for many. They are appalled when they hear stories of others getting into accidents, perhaps killing innocent pedestrians or another driver, but when you ask them if they are guilty the...
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Drowsy driver on I-80 causes accident

An accident involving two trucks and a sleeping driver took place today on Interstate 80 east bound. The crash is said to have happened because one of drivers fell asleep and plowed into the back of the other trailer, sending...
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