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Car Accidents

50 Car pile up shuts down Interstate 80 in Ohio

Snow storms wreaked havoc on Interstate 80 today in Ohio as a 50 car pile up has crews scrambling to get to the disabled vehicles in order to clear the highway.  Reports have indicated that several of the vehicles involved...
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Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling helps injured Pennsylvanians utilize auto insurance benefits

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in Gallagher v. Geico, No. 35 WAP 2017, made a ruling that drastically helps all individuals with automobile insurance. The ruling will allow many individuals to utilize all of the coverage they pay for and...
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[Study] The Deadliest Stretches of Road In Pennsylvania

The Situation In 2017, 1,083 fatal crashes occurred in Pennsylvania - leading to 1,137 deaths overall. At Dallas W. Hartman P.C., Attorneys at Law, we wanted to find out where exactly these fatal crashes were occurring - and if there...
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Tractor trailer causes horrific 10 car accident at dangerous intersection in Churchill

Emergency crews from several areas were on the scene of a horrific accident in Churchill this afternoon.  News outlets reported a crash involving a tractor-trailer and multiple other vehicles on William Penn Highway (Route 22) and Rodi Road in Churchill. ...
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Study: The Most Dangerous Intersections in Allegheny County

Allegheny County has the most motor vehicle collisions of any county in Pennsylvania. In fact, it accounts for roughly 10 percent of all collisions in the state, outranking the more populous Philadelphia County by nearly 700. Motor vehicle crashes can...
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Uber self-driven cars hit snag

Uber's vaunted autonomous car program was welcomed with much fanfare and support in 2016. Their cars began rolling out to downtown Pittsburgh, so chosen because it's hard for cars to adapt to and operate in it. Unfortunately, it seems Uber's...
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What laws govern self-driving Ohio trucks and cars?

Autonomous trucks are now allowed to drive down a stretch of Ohio U.S. 33, now known as the Smart Mobility Corridor. As Ohio moves into the automated future, you may be wondering what laws govern self-driving trucks and cars in...
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Motor vehicle accidents: yes, it’s dangerous out there

We all know that one hand on the wheel and the other wrapped around a smartphone does not spell a good combination when it comes to roadway safety in Pennsylvania, Ohio or anywhere else across the country.It fact, it is...
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Banner year for car accidents spells danger for motorists

If there ever was a year where getting in a car accident seemed like a distinct possibility, this would be it. An October report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals a 10.4 percent increase in traffic deaths in...
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Can self-driving cars ever truly be safe?

This week the Obama administration issued guidelines for automakers that are wading into the world of self-driving cars. While not prescribing technological limitations, the guidelines emphasize the essential importance of safety. In the still-early stages of the technology, however, there are...
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Enjoying a late summer drive? Get your feet off the dashboard.

The last days of summer are a golden time. Going for a drive to the beach or down a long country road can inspire a certain looseness and relaxation. Passengers may be tempted to rest their feet on the dashboard,...
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Are you a road rager?

If so, you're not alone. According to a recent report on aggressive driving put out by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, taken from a survey of 2,705 licensed drivers in 2014, 78% of drivers had engaged in some sort...
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