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Industrial Workers’ Accidents

A review of typical welder injuries

Welders, sadly, are still one of the professions that suffer from workplace fatalities. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), four in one-thousand welders die every year, which is extraordinarily high. Welders confront danger every day at work and incur...
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What are the most dangerous industrial chemicals?

Industrial chemicals have the potential to cause illness, either from incremental long-term exposure or from a one-time event. Some industrial chemicals are reactive and unstable, meaning they are very flammable and can explode easily, causing burns and other secondary injuries....
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Civil suit against Pennsylvania driller allowed to resume

Nearly four years after a fatal accident in Pennsylvania involving a water tanker that rolled down an embankment, killing the driver, a federal appeals court has allowed a civil lawsuit to go forward on behalf of the deceased driver's estate...
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Cranes That Install Christmas Trees Aren’t Always Safe

As the holidays approach, residents of many cities may be enjoying the spectacle of giant Christmas trees set up for public enjoyment. In New York City, for example, the lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree is a yearly tradition that...
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Workers in dangerous jobs can sue third parties

A group of California firefighters is suing the Santa Clara Waste Water Co. over injuries they received while responding to a chemical explosion at the plant. An article reporting on the lawsuit says the firefighters suffered pulmonary and other injuries...
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Compromises in life and death

The Pennsylvania man spent a lifetime at the wire mesh manufacturer. He began working at New York Wire Company in York County more than 40 years ago. His life ended in an industrial accident at the plant when a spool...
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Could advances in robotics hold the keys to industrial safety?

Technology is changing the way we do almost everything. Machines are steadily taking over many categories of jobs that used to be performed by humans. In the industrial context, robotics are thriving. So, too, is the "Industrial Internet of Things"...
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Pennsylvania worker injured when pallet of ham fell on his head

In previous posts we have written about the danger of falling objects on construction sites. This is not the only place where this could happen however. This was illustrated in a workplace accident that recently occurred in Pennsylvania. A 30-year-old...
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