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Ohioans reminded to buckle-up this Memorial Day weekend

Every car and truck is equiped with seat belts. For years, numerous safety tests have proven again and again the life-saving benefits of seat belts. Despite the overwhelming evidence to support the necessity of seat belts and nation-wide laws mandating their use, many drivers and passengers in Ohio still fail to religiously buckle-up. 

Drivers and passengers who are involved in rollover accidents, are much more likely to sustain serious or fatal injuries if not wearing a seat belt. In fact, in the majority of fatal rollover accidents, fatalities occured because a driver or passenger failed to take the two seconds necessary to pull and fasten a seat belt.  

The approaching Memorial Day holiday weekend is a time for families and friends to gather to celebrate and enjoy the official start of summer. It's also, however, one of the deadliest weekends on America's roads and highways. In an effort to prevent needless deaths this Memorial Day weekend, law enforcement agencies around the country and in states like Ohio are increasing patrols to crack down on dangerous driving behaviors including seat belt violations. 

There is no good reason not to wear a seat belt, especially when the dangers and risks associated with not buckling up are so great. In addition to ensuring adult drivers and passengers are properly restrained, law enforcement officials also emphasize the importance of ensuring child passengers are properly restrained. It's important that Ohio parents know and follow the laws and safety recommendations related to child and booster seat usage. Doing so can prevent loved ones from suffering serious or fatal injuries in the event a rollover accident occurs. 

Source: Time, “Peak Traffic Ticket Season Is Here: Police Pushed to Give More Seat Belt Violation Citations,” Brad Tuttle, May 15, 2013. 

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