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Dangerous Drugs

NuvaRing manufacturer fought for no risk warning on labels

In 2002, the Dutch drug manufacturer, Organon, released NuvaRing, one of the most popular contraceptive drugs in history. The multi-billion dollar product, NuvaRing, was marketed as the first hormonal contraceptive ring in the entire world. Banking on convenience, it was...
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Amylin Pharmaceutical’s Byetta among worst of diabetes drugs to be called into court

It was announced only a few weeks ago that people who have filed claims against Bristol-Myers Squibb and its subsidiary, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, in regards to the drug Byetta, will be moving forward with their cases in due time.Recent developments over...
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Januvia lawsuits hit U.S. District Court, many more likely to follow

There are now more than 150 lawsuits involving Januvia and other kinds of Type 2 diabetes drugs, according to recent court filings. Federal proceedings have begun in a United States District Court in the Southern District of California. Every single...
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Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceuticals pay out $15 million over past two months in Topamax cases

On November 18, a Pennsylvania state jury awarded $11 million to the mother of a little boy who was born with a cleft palate as a result of her prescription to the dangerous drug, Topamax. Johnson & Johnson's subsidiary, Janssen...
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Use of drugs like Lipitor could reach 70 million with new guidelines

New U.S. guidelines for treating people with high cholesterol could literally double the number of people on drugs such as Lipitor. Many are surprised at this news because of the legal controversies surrounding Lipitor and its propensity to develop Type...
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Bone fractures and breaks added to the lengthening list of Actos side effects

Serious health issues regarding Actos and its relationship to bone fractures have been capturing the attention of health professionals and Type 2 diabetes patients across the country and around the globe.For more than fourteen years, millions upon millions of Type...
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Johnson & Johnson pays $2.2 billion in Risperdal settlements

Last week, the Department of Justice and the FDA announced that Janssen Pharmaceuticals has pled guilty to misleading buyers of the drug Risperdal and selling it under fabricated pretenses. Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Janssen, will pay a total...
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