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Failure to Diagnose

New “breath test” could help reduce heart failure misdiagnoses

Failure to diagnose medical problems for people is one of the most prevalent issues doctors face today. Whether it is due to their own negligence or the carelessness of other healthcare professionals around them, when the proper precautions are not...
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Failure to diagnose leads to $5M settlement

When someone in Pittsburgh seeks the expertise of a medical professional there is an expectation that the physician who is consulted will do what is necessary to ensure a proper diagnosis is made. As the family of a 17-year-old girl...
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Woman claims lack of insurance led doctors to deny treatment

The failure to provide treatment is one of many reasons someone may decide to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctors responsible for providing care in the state of Pennsylvania. Considering doctors' creed of "do not harm," most would...
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Man diagnosed with wrong type of cancer awarded $200K

For many individuals a diagnosis of cancer is the scariest possible outcome of a doctor visit. Upon receiving such as diagnosis there are many things that need to be determined including the stage of the cancer, possible treatments and depending...
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As hospitalists practices grow, so too do med mal cases

In the medical field there are many things that could happen in a hospital that could ultimately lead to a medical malpractice claim. There are also a variety of individuals who might be responsible for providing care to patients. Over...
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Medical misdiagnosis accounts for many malpractice claims

There are of course many ways in which someone who lives in Western Pennsylvania can suffer an injury while in the care of medical professionals. While surgical errors or medical errors may be the first thing that comes to mind...
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Pittsburgh Legionnaire outbreak leads to civil lawsuits

Earlier this year we wrote a post about the outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in a Pittsburgh VA Hospital. The outbreak led to five deaths. At that time the CDC had recently released the results of its investigation into the matter....
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Delayed lung cancer diagnosis medical malpractice case settles

Last month we wrote a post on a woman who was left with six months to live after a doctor misdiagnosed nodules on her lung in an X-ray as asthma several years ago. By the time the cancer was diagnosed,...
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Children not immune from misdiagnosis in healthcare settings

Patient injuries that are the result of medical errors in a healthcare setting are undeniably difficult to deal with regardless of the type of injury or its severity. Most Butler County residents would agree however that those in which the...
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Misdiagnosis ends viable pregnancy

For many throughout the nation one of the most exciting parts of life is the birth of a child. Sadly in some cases pregnancies do not go full term and the unborn baby is lost in utero. This is usually...
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Pregnancy condition misdiagnosed on popular television series

Viewers throughout the country have become hooked on the series "Downton Abbey" which chronicles the lives of the occupants of an English country estate. It is likely that many of those individuals were devastated with the death of one of...
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Mom fights for son’s diagnosis

Mother's do whatever they can to keep their children healthy. For one mother, seizures that were occurring in her child prompted her to the emergency room. The child was given medication, but it wasn't effective, and her doctor didn't listen...
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