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Two injured in Ohio rollover accident

Rollover accidents are among some of the most serious types motor vehicle accidents. In many cases, drivers and passengers who are involved in rollover accidents sustain serious and life-threatening injuries. Such injuries typically require immediate medical attention and take weeks or months to heal.

A recent car accident that occurred on a Ohio highway, left two occupants of an SUV that rolled over over seriously injured. The accident occurred as a 20-year-old man was driving east along a Ohio highway. At this same time, a 59-year-old man and his 61-year-old wife were traveling westbound along the same stretch of highway.

According to police accident reports, for unknown reasons the 20-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle and crossed over the center median. The car driven by the 20-year-old then struck the SUV. The force of the collision caused the SUV to flip and rollover.

Both the 59-year-old driver and 61-year-old passenger were injured in the accident and required medical treatment. The 61-year-old woman sustained serious injuries and a medical helicopter was required to transport her quickly to a nearby hospital.

While it's not clear what factors may have contributed to this rollover accident, the 20-year-old driver was cited by police for failing to control his vehicle. It's also possible that the individuals injured in the accident may take legal action against the negligent driver.

In cases such as this, a personal injury lawsuit may be an appropriate legal means to recover compensation related to injuries. Individuals who choose to take legal action can recover compensation related to disability, pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: Zanesville Times Recorder, "Two injured, one flown from rollover crash," May 3, 2013

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