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Failure to stop results in SUV rollover accident

Car accidents that result in vehicle rollovers are among some of the most serious and often result in those individuals involved sustaining serious or fatal injuries. Oftentimes, rollover accidents result when two or more vehicles collide with one another. The impact of such a crash interferes with a vehicle's ability to stabilize causing it to rollover or turn on its side.

Often larger vehicles with more height are especially susceptible to rolling over when involved in a collision. Large commercial vehicles and sport utility vehicles are most commonly impacted in rollover accidents. While auto makers have made numerous improvements in recent years to improve the stability and functioning of these types of motor vehicles, rollover accidents still occur with far too much frequency.

Two SUVs were recently involved in a rollover accident on an Ohio highway. The accident occurred during the afternoon hours as the driver of a Nissan Xterra was traveling north. At this time, the driver of a Kia Soul who was traveling east, failed to stop at a stop sign. The Kia Soul collided with the Nissan Xterra causing the Nissan Xterra to rollover onto its side.

Thankfully in this particular accident neither driver was seriously injured. However, in rollover accidents even seemingly minor injuries can result in permanent damage. Head, neck and back injuries are commonly experienced by those involved in rollover accidents. Often, these types of injuries are slow to heal and result in those impacted accruing medical expenses and taking time off of work to recover.

Source: Ashland Times-Gazette, "Two-Vehicle Rollover Collision At Five-Points," Jan. 27, 2013

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