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Hit by a Car While Walking or Riding a Bike? Dallas Can Help.

If you were injured in an auto-pedestrian or auto-bicycle accident in Pennsylvania or Ohio, call Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. at 1-800-777-4081.

We rarely think about our safety when we go for a walk or a bike ride. Most drivers don’t think about our safety, either. Bicycles and pedestrians have little protection when a car runs a stop sign or red light, or fails to watch out when entering or exiting a parking lot. Severe injury and even death are too often the result.

If you need immediate help and you feel like no one is on your side, our respected attorneys are ready to stand up for your right to the full and fair compensation you deserve for your bike or pedestrian accident. Contact our law offices for a free case evaluation.

Who Is to Blame for Your Bicycle or Pedestrian Accident if You Were Riding on the Sidewalk or Jaywalking?

The law in both Pennsylvania and Ohio follows a concept known as comparative negligence (modified comparative fault or, simply, the 51% rule). Basically, as long as the court decides that you were 50 percent or less responsible for your pedestrian or bicycle accident, you can still recover damages.

Even if you were jaywalking or riding your bike on the sidewalk or the wrong side of the road, an experienced personal injury attorney at our firm can help you get financial compensation for your injuries. Contact us today to learn more in a free consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer.

What About Hit-and-Run Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents?

In some cases, your injuries may be covered by your own insurance policy. It is important you have enough uninsured and uninsured motorist coverage to protect you, in case you are hit by a car that leaves the scene of the accident. We have the proven skill and experience to deal with your insurance company and reluctant insurance adjusters to make sure they treat you fairly and live up to their legal obligations. In many cases you must get an attorney involved to make sure your own company pays you what you deserve.

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Regardless of the severity of your injuries or the complexity of your loss, our firm has a team of experienced attorneys at convenient locations throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio to serve you. We are happy to come to your home or hospital to discuss your case.

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