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Construction Workers’ Accidents

Construction worker burned in electrical accident

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration lists electrical hazards as one of the top four causes of construction fatalities. A Pennsylvania man working on a State College mixed-use development was burned when the equipment he was operating hit an electrical...
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Operator injured when crane topples

Construction workers who help erect tall structures know that cranes are invaluable tools to help move and lift materials. However, the giant machines also come with risks, as was illustrated in a recent Ohio construction accident.On a worksite in downtown...
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Ball of fire engulfs two construction workers

The questions and answers in a 911 tell much of the story of two badly injured Ohio construction workers. Someone has called in to report a fire and the operator asks, "And what is on fire?" The caller responds succinctly:...
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Worker touches power line, goes into cardiac arrest

One of the greatest dangers construction workers face is when they deal with electrical lines. Workers can suffer electrocution, severe burns and other serious injuries when a vehicle, ladder or body part touches a power line or there is an...
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Pittsburgh building boom means more construction injuries

It's that time of the year: the summer sun is shining and the air is filled with the sounds of baseball games, family picnics, children playing and the bangs and booms of busy construction sites.The website says construction activity...
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Proposed legislation seeks to place cameras in work zones

Earlier this month, we wrote about steps law enforcement officers are taking to keep road workers safe. Specifically they are concerned about drivers travelling over the posted speed limit in work zones. To try to prevent worker deaths troopers participating...
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Will new rule lead to fewer construction worker injuries?

The Labor Department’s Occupation Safety and Health Administration thinks so. The rule, which will take effect this summer on Aug. 3, will specifically pertain to construction workers who must complete tasks in confined spaces. These spaces include tanks and manholes.The...
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Program aims to keep road workers in Pennsylvania safe

Last week we wrote a post on ways to keep those who do road work safe from back over accidents. As it turns out state officials are interested in doing that very thing as well. This is illustrated by the...
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Top 4 hazards in the construction industry

The construction industry is very dangerous. Roughly 20 percent of all work-related fatalities happened in the construction industry in 2013, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Construction workers in Pennsylvania should be aware of the dangers they face while...
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Taking precautions can prevent back over accidents

With the arrival of warmer temperatures in the state of Pennsylvania road work will likely soon be picking up throughout the state. To accomplish the work that needs to be done, workers as well as large vehicles and pieced of...
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Construction worker’s accident in Fox Chapel injures one

An accident involving a construction worker on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Indiana County, Pennsylvania has injured one construction worker. The man was an experienced tradesman and he fell approximately 30 feet from a concrete structure.Following the accident, the victim of...
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Construction workers struck in work zones

Stories about workers killed in construction zones due to careless driving are all too common. As construction season is once again upon us, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is asking for drivers on our highways to slow down when proceeding...
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