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Worker touches power line, goes into cardiac arrest

One of the greatest dangers construction workers face is when they deal with electrical lines. Workers can suffer electrocution, severe burns and other serious injuries when a vehicle, ladder or body part touches a power line or there is an arc flash or arc blast.

According to a newspaper report, this morning a utility worker on a construction site touched a live power line. The 19,000-volt jolt sent the worker into cardiac arrest. No word was available on his or her condition. The electricity also set fire to the worker's truck and a utility pole and knocked out power to 400 Ohio businesses and homes in the Heath area west of Columbus.

Like every utility worker and construction worker reading of this accident, we wish a speedy recovery and all the best for the worker.

One of the key factors in any recovery is getting the medical care an injured person needs. When an Ohio or Pennsylvania worker is injured on the job, they are typically eligible for workers' compensation benefits that cover medical expenses. The benefits also give workers partial wage replacement to help them pay their bills while they recuperate.

In some instances — even involving serious injuries — employers or insurers will contest the award of workers' comp for the injured employee. That's when an attorney can become involved in the process, fighting to protect the worker, their rights and their benefits.

Workers' compensation is something you contribute to with every paycheck. It's earned, not an entitlement. At the law offices of Dallas W. Hartman, our skilled lawyers are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex appeals process. Please see our Construction Accident Injury Attorneys page for more information about how we help clients across western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

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