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Taking precautions can prevent back over accidents

With the arrival of warmer temperatures in the state of Pennsylvania road work will likely soon be picking up throughout the state. To accomplish the work that needs to be done, workers as well as large vehicles and pieced of equipment will be out on the roads. If proper care is not taken it is possible that someone could be seriously injured and even killed by that machinery.

The number of those incidents that occur as a result of human error could be reduced if those operating the machines follow safety protocol.

Back over injuries are one area where things could be improved. There are multiple steps that could be taken to help with this. The first occurs before work even starts. When possible, the worksite should be setup in a manner that makes it unnecessary for vehicles and equipment to backup. When that is not possible, signs should be posted that let those working on the jobsite know where they can and cannot walk. Barriers can also be erected to direct the vehicles and equipment in a direction away from those working at the site.

In addition, an operating procedure should be created ahead of time that provides information on how to stay safe on jobsites. Those procedures would include information regarding how to work at night such as the requirement that workers wear reflective clothing.

The equipment used should either have proximity warning devices or be designed with minimal blind spots and those at the wheel of the vehicle must be directed by a spotter when they are backing up. The person hired to do this should be competent to do so.

When someone is hurt at his or her job–regardless of why–they may be able to secure workers' compensation benefits. When someone runs into issues securing them, a lawyer could be of assistance.

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