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Program aims to keep road workers in Pennsylvania safe

Last week we wrote a post on ways to keep those who do road work safe from back over accidents. As it turns out state officials are interested in doing that very thing as well. This is illustrated by the launch of a new safety initiative, called Operation Orange Squeeze, by the Pennsylvania State Police and Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

The initiative is geared toward protecting road workers from other drivers in the area at the same time. The safety plan follows the death of two workers in the last few years. A man was killed in 2012 while picking up debris along the shoulder of a road and in June of last year a turnpike maintenance employee died while in a work zone. The program will be rolled out throughout the state over the course of the next few months.

As a part of Operation Orange Squeeze, troopers will be stationed within construction vehicles in work zones. From there they will be checking to make sure that drivers have their headlights on and are driving the speed posted. Those whose who are found to be driving above the speed limit might find that their license is suspended for 15 days or face fines of approximately $200.

No one expects to be injured while working. When they are however, regardless of the cause, it is possible that they could seek workers' compensation benefits to help cover the expenses tied to the injury and recovery. When someone experiences difficulties in securing workers' comp, a lawyer may be of assistance.

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