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Operator injured when crane topples

Construction workers who help erect tall structures know that cranes are invaluable tools to help move and lift materials. However, the giant machines also come with risks, as was illustrated in a recent Ohio construction accident.

On a worksite in downtown Dayton, a crane toppled to the ground with its boom stretching across a popular bike path. Fortunately, no one was on the path at the time of the collapse and the crane operator escaped the incident with injuries described as moderate.

According to a news report, the crane was being used to pour concrete for a multiple-level parking garage. A Dayton Fire Department spokesperson told a reporter that the crane became unbalanced and flipped on to its side. The operator was able to climb out of the cab.

Experts say that most crane accidents can be blamed on overloading. When the crane is overloaded, structural failure can occur or the device can topple. In cases of overloading causing upsets, the events are often attributable to operator errors such as attempting to lift weight exceeding capacity.

In addition to the dangers of overloading, there are also crane hazards associated with overhead power lines and materials falling or being dropped. It's obvious that any of these common problems can cause serious injuries or even fatalities to operators, other construction workers and members of the public.

When workers in Ohio or Pennsylvania are injured on construction sites, they often turn to experienced attorneys to help ensure that they receive full compensation for lost wages and medical expenses.

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