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Proposed legislation seeks to place cameras in work zones

Earlier this month, we wrote about steps law enforcement officers are taking to keep road workers safe. Specifically they are concerned about drivers travelling over the posted speed limit in work zones. To try to prevent worker deaths troopers participating in Operation Orange Squeeze are planning on watching drivers in work zones, from construction vehicles.

Police officers participating in the pilot are focused on drivers who are speeding and do not have their lights on. Following the lead of a neighboring state, Pennsylvania is considering implementing another approach. Supporters of the new approach indicate that it could save the state money since it would reduce reliance upon police officers paid overtime to monitor work zones in person.

Legislators in the state of Connecticut are sponsoring a bill that would create a pilot program in which cameras would be placed in construction zones. Those cameras would be placed in active work zones and limited-access highways. Individuals traveling a certain amount of miles per hour above the signs would have pictures taken of their license plates. While the offenders would be fined $100, the person driving would not find that he or she was being assessed points. The pilot program would last five years.

Other legislators are also interested in protecting highway workers. Individuals who kill, injure or endanger construction workers could face fines of up to $10,000 and a one-year suspension of their driver’s license if another bill passes.

There is no question that it is important that the roads in the state of Pennsylvania are maintained to keep those who travel on them safe. In the course of doing that however it is important to make sure those who are doing the work are kept safe as well.

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