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Truck Accidents

Unknown and known in tractor-trailer crashes

The coverage of the recent crash involving a tractor-trailer and a pick-up was scant. Just one Pennsylvania TV station covered the deadly collision and its report lasted just a few seconds. Media interest in these violent events is limited, though...
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Insurers sometimes stonewall large retailers, too

Individuals aren't the only ones who have trouble getting insurance companies to pay after an accident. The retail giant Walmart recently sued two of its insurers--Liberty Insurance Underwriters and Ohio Casualty Insurance-- for breach of contract and bad faith after...
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Safety regulators’ singular focus: single-unit trucks

Any seasoned passenger vehicle driver -- that is, any motorist with sufficient behind-the-wheel time to truly understand the perils of driving and the unremitting safety focus required to do it well -- notes well the outsized risks posed by large...
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Driving too fast for conditions?

The thunder rolled from a memorial to benefit the daughters of a paramedic who lost her life in the line of duty earlier this year, according to a WJAC report. Two hundred motorcyclists rode in a show of support for...
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Route 65 truck accident claims two lives

A truck driver told a Pittsburgh TV station that an Audi driver made a fatal decision on Route 65 near the I-79 interchange. The trucker said the northbound Audi tried to pass him on the left."Just went straight into oncoming...
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Will bigger rigs roll over Pennsylvania and Ohio?

The biggest vehicles rolling on Pennsylvania and Ohio highways are tractor-trailers. The behemoths could get significantly bigger if Congress has its way. The U.S. House of Representatives has already passed a measure and sent it on to the Senate that...
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Laws that cannot be broken in truck accidents

When our legislators aren't reworking old laws that no longer function as intended, they are introducing new legislation to govern Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the United States. However, no one can change the laws of physics. When a large, heavy truck...
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Central Pennsylvania truck and Amish buggy collision kills two

A Tylersville, Pennsylvania UPS truck accident has caused the death of an Amish woman and an 8 year old boy. Four other individuals were also seriously injured as a result of this truck accident. In Clinton County, Pennsylvania, a UPS...
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Pennsylvania trucker facing charges in fatal big rig crash

Prosecutors say a Pennsylvania trucker “should never have been on the road” when he caused a crash that left a married father of four dead. The trucker's driver's license had been suspended and then he failed to properly connect a...
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Mercer County truck accident injures three people off of I-80

A truck accident involving one tractor trailer and two passenger vehicles in Shenango Township, Pennsylvania has injured three people. The truck collision occurred on the eastbound exit ramp of interstate 80 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Two men in their sixties...
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Big rig slams cars east of Pittsburgh; victim in critical condition

A big rig was headed west on Route 22 outside of Pittsburgh when disaster struck early this morning. The tractor-trailer slammed into a car at Cloverleaf Drive intersection, barreled into the median and then "T-boned a white pickup truck," according...
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Westmoreland County truck accident injures three

A truck accident in Delmont, Pennsylvania, a borough in Westmoreland County, involved at least three vehicles and a tractor-trailer. The accident happened on the eastbound lanes of Route 22 this morning in Delmont. As a result of the accident three...
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