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Driving too fast for conditions?

The thunder rolled from a memorial to benefit the daughters of a paramedic who lost her life in the line of duty earlier this year, according to a WJAC report. Two hundred motorcyclists rode in a show of support for the 38-year-old who earlier this year was struck by a coal truck as she helped at the scene of a car accident to the east of Pittsburgh.

The Upper Yoder Township fatal accident was the last in a series of three crashes on a snowy, early March day. The chain reactions began when a school bus came to a stop to pick up children. The delivery truck behind the bus came to a stop, but an SUV following the truck was apparently going too fast for conditions and could not stop on the icy road, hitting the delivery truck from behind.

A passenger vehicle trying to avoid the accident swerved and slammed into a utility pole which then fell on the delivery truck. Unsurprisingly, paramedics and other first responders were soon on the scene.

That’s when a coal truck “came down on the icy roadway and basically plowed through the emergency scene,” the county coroner told the Tribune Democrat.

The paramedic was hit by the out-of-control coal truck.

We don’t know if the coal truck driver was cited or arrested after the crash. But we know that in similar situations, people who are driving too fast for conditions can be found liable for the destruction they leave behind. At The Law Offices of Dallas W. Hartman, our team of lawyers capably and compassionately represents families who lose loved ones, as well as truck accident injury victims who need and deserve full compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

Please see our page about the various types of trucking accidents to learn more about how we serve residents of western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

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