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Route 65 truck accident claims two lives

A truck driver told a Pittsburgh TV station that an Audi driver made a fatal decision on Route 65 near the I-79 interchange. The trucker said the northbound Audi tried to pass him on the left.

"Just went straight into oncoming traffic while she was going around me," he told WTAE.

The car slammed head-on into a southbound tractor-trailer. The big rig erupted in flames which set fire to a transit van. The Audi then spun back into the northbound lanes and struck a Nissan Versa, WPXI reported.

Pennsylvania state police said the 52-year-old driver of the tractor-trailer and the 69-year-old Ohio Township driver of the Audi were both killed in the multi-vehicle crash.

Two other people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, officials said.

While the witness indicates the Audi driver is responsible for the fatal crash, law enforcement officials have not yet made a determination. Last year, a similar accident claimed another life. A man died after a car attempting to pass a vehicle crossed the center line and struck an 18-wheeler.

Because of the massive size and weight of the vehicles, far too often accidents involving large trucks end lives or result in severe injuries. In this case, a truck driver lost his life, apparently because of another person's reckless driving.

In similar situations, a family that loses a loved one will pursue compensation against the estate of the person responsible for the terrible damages. A Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer experienced in car accident and truck accident claims can help families pursue justice in the name of their loved one.

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