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Insurers sometimes stonewall large retailers, too

Individuals aren't the only ones who have trouble getting insurance companies to pay after an accident. The retail giant Walmart recently sued two of its insurers–Liberty Insurance Underwriters and Ohio Casualty Insurance– for breach of contract and bad faith after the two insurers declined to pay their share for the settlement to Tracy Morgan following last summer's accident. The crash seriously injured Morgan and killed fellow comedian James McNair when sleep-deprived Walmart truck driver Kevin Roper failed to stop quickly enough and plowed into the limo in which Morgan and McNair were riding. 

The two insurers claim that Morgan's undisclosed settlement is "unreasonable," and they allege that Walmart may have accepted such a high settlement because they didn't want to incur additional punitive damages, which they would be liable to pay themselves.

In the meantime, Walmart has already paid out its settlement to Morgan. 



Walmart certainly has a lot more money to pay a settlement upfront than, say, an injured individual might have to pay medical bills ahead of an insurance payout. But the case illustrates that insurance companies can be equal-opportunity misers when it's time to pay the bills; they can make life difficult for huge international retailers and private individuals alike. 

It's important to remember that insurance companies are first and foremost companies, and as such, they look out for the bottom line. That's why it's so important to have an experienced lawyer fighting for you when you've been hurt and need compensation for your injuries. Insurers' imperative is to save money. Yours (and your lawyer's) is to get you the full compensation you need to recover from your accident. 


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