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Twelve-vehicle pileup on Interstate 80 in Mercer County

With winter hitting Western PA now in full force, Interstate 80 will see its fair share of accidents. Each year, our stretch of I-80 is touted as one of the country's most dangerous strips to drive on during inclement weather. Strong gusts of wind, snow squalls, and large trucks driving at dangerous speeds headline the interstate's main problems. Wednesday evening was no different.

Police confirm that at least a dozen vehicles were damaged during an Interstate 80 pileup on Wednesday in Mercer County. The accident occurred as rush hour began, just shortly before 4 p.m., near Shenango. Witnesses say the accident happened due to a jackknifing commercial tractor trailer that looked like it slid out of control due to icy road conditions. When the dust settled, both lanes were blocked and the accident caused a chain reaction of vehicles slamming into the backs of other vehicles.

In total, seven commercial tractor trailers and at least five passenger vehicles were damaged during the accident. Ambulances were quickly dispatched to the scene, though it remains unclear how many people, if any, were seriously injured. The highway didn't reopen until after 7 p.m. when clean-up crews deemed all lanes safe from debris.

Winter may have taken a little while longer than we're used to reach Western Pennsylvania this year, but now that it's here we are feeling the effects. This coming weekend's mix of below-zero temperatures and gusty snow is another reminder of how careful drivers should be on our roadways, especially Interstate 80, where truck drivers are infamously known to drive well above the speed limit despite the weather. If you have been injured because of a commercial tractor trailer driver's negligence, please call the Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. today for a free consultation at 800-777-4081.

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